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Shriner's Street Fair

The popular Shriner’s Street Fair returns to the Brockville Shopping Centre this year along with other fair favourites such as the Wheel Ride, Zipper, Swing Tower, and the Crazy Mouse spinning to bring thrills and chills to visitors.

When not riding rides, visitors can spin to win, play bingo, have someone guess their age and weight, or play any one of more than 30 games at the Brockville Shopping Centre. If you are lucky, you might be able to take home a Tweety Bird, Sponge Bob or the Family Guy, after a fun filled day at the fair.

We will be hosting two draws giving away up to 8 entrance bands to two families (four bands per family). The community can either enter the draw in person, at the store or office holding the bands, or you may enter the draw by emailing Annette Maclean at amaclean@brockvilleshopping. com
  • The entry bands cost $30 retail
  • The Street Fair is a carnival with Rides, games, food (chip stand, hot dogs, hamburgers, fries)
  • Everything raised goes to Shriner’s special needs charities (families in need of special equipment, wheel chair lifts, helping families with kids in hospital)
  • Shriner’s is 100% non profit
  • Shriner’s is looking for volunteers if anyone would like to help out

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