With Talkit.ca, they offer excellent VOIP telephone service for one of the lowest prices around. Currently the price has increased to $79,00 or about $6.75 for monthly service (payable in advance for one year). Still amazingly inexpensive,

The service includes:

1) Unlimited local calling

2) Unlimited long distance calling in Canada

3) Caller Id

4) Call Forwarding

5) Call Waiting

6) Conference calling ....... and more

They charge about $75 for their device ( to plug  into a router and the device to one of your home outlets and all the phones in your home or apartment are now connected to the line or connect the box to a portable phone with portable extensions and voila...) and $30 to port a number. These charges are for the first year only. They have sales throughout the year offering the first year, including the device, for around $100. The porting is still $30.


If you compare to the other phone companies, even those who offer VOIP with their internet packages, the lowest is closer to $9.95 per month plus he cost of all the other services. 

They give you a month free to try the service (with a temporary number).


We use the service and have a telephone number for our fax which works through our computer....no unwanted faxes. Great for a second line. But, you have to have internet service from any supplier

Give it a change and let us know if you used the service. Email us at Firstnationalmanagement@hotmail.com.


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